Products FAQ

Return & Exchange  FAQ
1. What is basic requirement of Return or Exchange Process?
     No Receipt No  Refund and Exchange.
     Receipt should be within 30 days
     Mark which Items are you going to Return or Exchange 
     Check---All goods in a clean and good condition .
     Check---Good original package should be a must.
      Any special case please send email to our customer service
2. Any chance to return or exchange my Shower Door ?
     Basically please follow our store policy. Any special please send email and describe your question at first, customer service will response you. 
     15% Restocking fee should be a must.
3. Any chance to waive 15% Restocking fee?
    Mostly we're not going to charge the restocking fee for small, light products, However,for big and heavy products, we're sorry it will be charged 15% Restocking fee. Please check with our Frontdesk about your items if you're wondering.
    For Insulation, Tile and Flooring, Only charge Restocking Fee once your return over 3 bags.
4. Why I still not yet receive my refund?
    Kindly check your receipt at first, if Refund "Approved", means we have refunded to your bank.
    Some customers need to wait around 3-5 days to get your refund. We're advised by TD Bank, 3-5 days is a common transition between Banks and their Credit departments.
5.Can I  return Tiles  by pieces?
    No. We only accept Box of Tile Return.                                                                      
6. Why all Paint(tinted or non-tinted), liquid, fluid and paste materials are Final Sale?
    All of them might have a change of frozen, we should be very responsible of all customers. 
7. Any change to return Customized products and Special order?
   Customized Products and Special orders are following customers' dimension or drawing, and confirmed by customers, factory will not accept any return from us.
8. How can I get my refund if I did Cash paid?
    We accept all kinds of payment.
9.  How can I set up my account?

    Membership only for Contractors and Builders. You will be asked to fill our account application form. After approved, It will charge you annual fee to open an account. You'll receive an activate Email in 3-5 days.     

10. Any chance to waive Cancellation 15% Fee?
    Basically follow our Store Policy. Special case please send an email to us and describe your question at first. We may waive the cancellation fee if it is within 3 days, Except for customized products and special order(back order). 
11. How long should I wait for Customized Products ?

    You can get the information from our sales when you place order. Normally will take 5-7 days to feedback your quote, and 3-4 weeks production after your payment.

 12. Can I check our order history?

      Since the limit of System, Sorry it is hard for us to check your order history. 


13. Can I return the cement or Compound?

We accept all kinds of cement return base on non water-moisture as original condition. Unfortunetely not accept any compound return.